New Year tour

What are your plans for New Year? Join us to Amsterdam and visit either EPIQ or Brutality.

What is included in the tour?

- Entrance ticket. When you book your tour with us you get everything in one package and do not have to book on several different pages. Through our cooperation you'll be sure the tickets come from an official partner

- Travel back and fort. We will take you all the way to the event and immediately after the event you can easily board the bus again and we start the journey back an hour after the event has ended.

- Amazing tour leaders. Our tour leaders can give you answer to almost any question, they will be involved throughout the tour and the event and have experience countless events.

- Party for days. We start our New Year celebration when you board the bus on December 30th and it doesn't stop until you get off back home again. Enjoy!

- New friends. A bus tour is the perfect way to get to know new people, and even better is that you'll have the same taste in music.

- Upgrade to VIP. For this New Year's Epiq event, you'll be able to upgrade to a VIP ticket.

- Alcohol shop. You will have the opportunity to buy alcohol on the road, either on the ferry or at an alcohol shop in Germany. With reservation for changes due to delays.

- Great bus tour. We will have a bus with all the facilities needed for the tour. There will, among other things, be electrical outlets to charge telephone, or similar, and music system.

- Explore Amsterdam. This tour will be more than just music and friends, we give you the opportunity to spend a couple of hours in Amsterdam.

- Combined tour. This tour is combined with both Epiq and Brutality, and is arranged together with Coretours. Double up of everything and all our friends will be together!




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