Who is the anthem creator of Dominator?

Finally, Q-dance and Art of Dance have informed us who will make anthem to Dominator 2019 - and it is no one less than ANGERFIST.

This legend in hardcore had made countless of songs that went straight into our HDM hearts. In addition to the anthem of Dominator 2019, he has also made these anthems:

2005 - Masters of Hardcore (The World Will Shiver)
2008 - Dominator (Radical)
2010 - Masters of Hardcore (The Voice of Mayhem)
2012 - Dominator (Catastrophe)
2016 - Airforce festival (Order of Hospitality)
2018 - Masters of Hardcore (Tournament of Tyrants)

Danny Masseling, Angerfist, is a Dutch hardcore DJ and producer since 2001. What characterizes Angerfist is his white mask and black hoodies he always wears on stage. He still has a permanent spot at the top of every line-up as a headliner and fills the arenas over and over. If you haven't seen a show with him, raised your fist and screamed ANGER - FIST together with the rest of the crowd, you truly have a tradition you must experience.


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