Why visit Decibel?

Yesterday the tickets to the Decibel Outdoor Festival 2020 was released!

For those of you who haven't been there yet we still have to say: go there! Defqon is usually the one most people talk about when they're talking about hardstyle festivals, and Decibel comes into the cloud a bit. Maybe that is exactly why the festivals feels a little more geniune and cozy?

What makes Decibel such a fantastic festival?

The festival area. First and foremost, Decibel is located by a lake in the Netherlands, with lots of greenery all around. The scenes themselves are located along the beach, among the trees, in tents, on a boat, on a jetty and in smaller houses. There is music for all tastes within HDM and there is so much to see and experience. The ferris wheel on site gives you a fantastic overview of the area, which is highly recommended. 

The camping area. Maybe the best part. It is a small bit to go, but if you are a bunch of people walking and talking in the meantime, it does not feel so far away, although many write very negative about this particular thing. Overall, the campingground is absolutely fantastic an not at all like the usual festival campingground which is usually in an open field. This area is a "regular" camping, where the toilets are in building with real toilets are in building with real toilets and showers, there is a running water adjacent to the campsites and it is really green and nice everywhere. To this, B2S has built up various things that happen at the campsite everywhere. There is a lot you can do at this area as well. There is an afterparty stage, a house that plays music 24/7, gaming room and lots of other things. Don't miss out on your own exploration, you'll have so much fun doing it!

The atmosphere. Although this is a big festival, the whole atmosphere feels much more intimate than other major festivals. Somehow it feels like there are more people here who are really here for the music, less tourist if you can say so. 

The only way to find out what you think about Decibel Outdoor is to go there.
Give it a try (you won't regret it!) 



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