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Intents Festival 2019 (VIP)

  • Sted Sportpark d’n Donk
  • Land Holland
  • Event Website Åbn siden
  • Dato 31-05-2019 - 02-06-2019
  • Aldersgrænse 18
  • Musikgenrer Hardstyle, Hardcore, Early Rave



Privileged to be a VIP at Intents Festival, you will be spoiled. There is a separate "fast-lane" VIP-entrance, you will get an Intents customized textile wristband and a glass of Champaign. You will get access to the 2 VIP-decks at the mainstage. On these VIP-decks there are lounge sets, fresh fruit, snacks, luxurious toilets and many other nice extra's.


Event info:
Intents Festival er en af de mindre festivaller, hvor der virkelig er god atmosfære. Festivallen er kendt blandt mange artister som kommer udelukkende for den fede atmosfære. Intents er 100% friviligt arrangeret, og det kan man også mærke i gejsten og energien omkring produktionen. Sidst men ikke mindst er Intents Festival kendt for det prangende lys og lyd setup som i kan se aftermovies herunder.

Intents Festival event info:

Important information regarding our bus-packages to Intents Festival


Bus-package includes:

  • VIP Intents Ticket
  • Reserved camping @Camp Hardstylers
  • Return bus transportation with Hardstylers.
  • An extra stop for the purchase of beverages.
  • Cd / DVD / AUX possibilities on the bus.
  • 220V power on the bus to keep all your gear charged.
  • Professional travel guides.

Hardstylers are official Intents Festival travel partner.

Bus trip information
Please make sure to be on time for the departure, if the bus runs late we usually contact you. If you haven´t heard from us please send us a message on Facebook Messenger. We do multiple stops on the way to Intents festival to pick up passengers, however, these stops are not breaks to get out of the bus, only to let new Hardstylers on the bus.


At Intents Festival and Intentscity (Camping):
Long before we reach Intentscity the party will have started. We always have party on the buses for all of you that want to hit the festival hard. We have our very own reserved camping (included in your festival ticket) we will walk together from the bus to our reserved camping. Hope to see you all @Camp Hardstylers.

Have a blast!


Make sure to be back at the bus at latest 10.30. All buses return back at 11.00 and we don´t wait for people who can´t keep track of time.

We will do a break for lunch when we enter Germany, so it´s a good idea to grab some food before we leave IntentsCity.


Have a great time!

Please attend our Facebook event and invite your friends.


Fest Film



Da Tweekaz - Ran-D - Phuture Noize - Delete - Paul Elstak - Coone - Keltek - Mark with a K

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Bus tider

Torsdag ​​aften mellem torsdag ​​/ fredag, ankomst c:a 13:00 fredag 31 maj.

Afgang mandagg d. 03 juni 2019 kl. 11:00 på formiddagen Hjemkomst ca. tidspunkter: