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Tomorrowland 2019 (Treasure case)

  • Plats Boom
  • Land Belgium
  • Event Website Öppna sidan
  • Datum 2019-12-31
  • Åldersgräns
  • Music Genres

As we informed you this summer, Tomorrowland choose not to send their treasure boxes to any of their travel partners. This was as pity for us as I can imagine it was for you. Now they have sent us a limited amount of treasure boxes. If you travelled with us to Tomorrowland 2019 and are interested in getting this box, read below information.


We’ll release the possiblility for you to book a treasure box from 2019, but it is first come, first served since no travel partner unfortunately haven’t received all our boxes from Tomorrowland.


You'll be able to do a regular booking of your treasure case, Remember, it is only you who have travelled with us to Tomorrowland 2019 who will be able to book a treasure box. We'll compare every order with the travellers of Tomorrowland. Your box will get sent to your address for a shipping fee.

It is only possible to book one box per order. If you have travelled with other people, they need to book their boxes individually. 

The boxes will be released at our webpage Wednesday 23rd of October 12:00. First come, first served!

If you have any questions, please contact us in a PM.



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